Last few days to register for APTRA & KPMG Insights Seminar roadshow in Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong

  • 21 November 2017


Registrations for the fourth annual APTRA KPMG Insights Seminars, which take place in South Korea, China and Hong Kong on 28, 29 and 30th November, will remain open for the remainder of this week. There is no registration fee but places are limited so interested parties are advised to register by email as early as possible (details below).

The agenda for the seminars in all three locations will be the same, while in Hong Kong, the seminar will be part of a larger programme, KPMG’s “holiday season update” of its Retail Asia Conference. APTRA and KPMG, together with research partner m1ndset, will share the principal findings of their recent research studies and to explain how stakeholders can drive growth for the industry.

– KPMG’s Anson Bailey will share their latest research on disruptive technology in retail and give some insights to what the near future holds for consumer technology in the retail environment.

– Clara Perez of m1nd-set will share detailed findings of the latest consumer research on the shopping behaviour and differences between travellers from China, Japan, Korea and India. This latest APTRA research will also focus on Asia Pacific travellers’ current and forecast travel trends, to give delegates a taste of what to expect in 2018 from the region’s key outbound markets.

All three seminars will be hosted at KPMG’s offices on the following dates:

– Tuesday 28th November in Seoul – Registration: [email protected]

– Wednesday 29th November in Shanghai – Registration: [email protected]

– Thursday 30th November in Hong Kong – Registration: [email protected]

Full details, including the KPMG office address in each location can be found on

Andrew Ford, President APTRA, commented: “APTRA’s Insights Seminar programme has developed considerably since its inception. The annual APTRA Airport Forum, hosted by Changi Airport earlier this year, is a valuable addition to the programme. The partnership we have with KPMG, now in its fourth year, is an example of how we at APTRA are developing our services on behalf of the industry, alongside our core advocacy mission. The latest research findings from both KPMG and m1nd-set are much anticipated and greatly appreciated by our members.”

APTRA is grateful to the sponsors of the seminars which include Bommidala Group, Brown Forman, Changi Airport Group, DFS, Distell, Eastern Duty Free, The Edrington Group, Jonathan Holland & Associates, Moet Hennessy, Regent Asia Group and Treasury Wine Estates.



APTRA is the trade association for the duty free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region, serving all members and the industry to help grow the business and protect it when challenges arise.

  • Through technology-led initiatives, seminars and conferences, APTRA serves to facilitate contact between members;
  • Through bespoke training initiatives, APTRA is building the industry’s brand as a highly professional, caring and responsible retail channel;
  • Through intensive consumer and market research, APTRA provides a solid knowledge bank, bringing valuable, actionable data relevant to all sectors;
  • Through regular communication, APTRA seeks to spread awareness and knowledge about the industry and the importance of travel retail for governments, airports, airlines and related businesses;
  • Through regional monitoring, and in collaboration with member companies and trade associations in other parts of the world, APTRA is constantly on the alert for new challenges where its advocacy on behalf of the industry is needed with national governments and policy-makers in order to safeguard and grow the business of all concerned.

The geographical area covered by APTRA includes countries in Eastern Asia, South Eastern Asia, South Central Asia and Oceania.


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