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Economic Impact Report – A First For Asia Pacific

In conjunction with Duty Free World Council (DFWC), APTRA commissioned the region’s first Economic Impact of Duty Free & Travel Retail Report in Asia Pacific.

This strategic document is the third in a series of economic impact studies initiated by the DFWC and offers insights to support commercial growth strategies for Asia Pacific. Its dual purpose means it adds value commercial discussions to your business, and it helps APTRA defend the industry, as we are now able to quote socio-economic data and the importance of Travel Retail as a direct provider of 140,000 jobs in Asia Pacific when discussing regulatory impact on duty free. It is therefore fundamental to our advocacy mission and the way in which we can represent our members to regional policy makers.

The Economic Impact of Duty Free and Travel Retail Report is set to be a significant stakeholder engagement tool for APTRA over the next three years. It is imperative that we speak to policy makers and regulatory bodies with a holistic socio-economic argument surrounding jobs and revenue opportunity in totality. It gives huge weight to our cause for curtailing disproportionate regulations that are designed for domestic markets but could be harmful to Duty Free if enforced fully. This report underpins the critical importance of our industry in generating and sustaining GDP, especially in emerging economies, and provides a robust positive argument in the ever-changing regulatory landscape of Duty Free and Travel Retail in the region.

Economic Impact of Duty Free and Travel Retail Report is available to all APTRA members

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