APTRA Membership

As a member, you gain a plethora of benefits, but more importantly you become part of a travel retail community that is collectively helping the industry to grow. APTRA’s overall purpose is to strengthen, nurture and protect the Duty Free & Travel Retail industry through 3 strategic pillars.

Providing knowledge and meaningful research reports that increase members’ awareness of consumer and market trends across Asia is a priority. As a member you will gain access to the APTRA Knowledge Bank allowing you to review and download quality travel retail reports all available free to members.

Facilitating contact between industry members via our networking events so that members are in the “know”. Sharing relevant industry data and knowledge, whilst getting to meet one another. The APTRA Network directory offers members access to our full network of travel retail professionals working across retail, airports and brands within a global and Asia Pacific capacity.

APTRA’s purpose of strengthening, nurturing and protecting our industry is supported through facilitating contact between government regulatory bodies and the industry. APTRA, being our members’ voice, understanding of upcoming policies that may challenge our industry.

Core Membership

Core membership is offered to brands, retailers, landlords (such as airports or cruise ships) and travel retail related associations. If you are keen to understand more about your company becoming a member of APTRA please contact us directly to enquire further about membership criteria and how to join.


Associate Membership

If your company does not fall within the parameters of being a Duty Free or Travel Retail brand, retailer or a landlord, then your company can consider becoming an associate member of APTRA. Associate Membership is offered to any business that serves or is affiliated to, the travel retail industry.

Associate Members gain the same access rights to the APTRA knowledge bank and the APTRA network of travel retail professionals, however given that Associate Members serve and support the wider Duty Free & Travel Retail industry, we acknowledge that associate members bring a certain subject matter expertise to our membership adding value and enriching our overall membership network.

Learn more about becoming an Associate Member of APTRA by sending us a membership enquiry.


Our Members

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