APTRA plans new research strategy and welcomes new members

  • 13 June 2017


The Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) has laid out its research strategy for 2018-2019 which will include a sharp focus on data that will be of particular interest to members of the Association.

Twenty reports will be compiled over the two year period by m1nd-set, APTRA’s research partner since 2011, combining consumer insights and air traffic forecasting.

The airports under the spotlight in 2018 will be Beijing, Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, New Delhi, Shanghai Hongqiao, Mumbai and Auckland. In 2019 the airports under scrutiny will be Shanghai Pudong, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Incheon, Manila, Chengdu, Melbourne, Tokyo Narita and Taipei.

Each study will be based on 1,000 interviews conducted airside with business and leisure passengers from a wide spectrum of origins and backgrounds. Respondents will be asked for their attitudes to duty free & travel retail, their purchase motivations, the role of promotions and sales staff, and the impact of changes to customs allowances, among other subjects.

m1nd-set’s air traffic forecasting is based on Direct Data Solutions, a unique initiative developed jointly by IATA and the Airlines Reporting Corporation which is widely considered the ‘gold standard’ of airline ticket data.

The current 2017 research programme, which is sponsored by Interparfums and Rémy Cointreau, will soon reveal insights on consumer behaviour by Indian, South Korean and Japanese shoppers, sequels to the Chinese consumer insights which were published last month.

Andrew Ford, President APTRA, commented: “A key objective for APTRA is to enhance the service we provide to members across Asia Pacific and an important element of this is airport-specific research. Besides being available exclusively to members to download, the headline results of the research will be shared at future APTRA Airport Forums and Insights Seminars.”

Recognising the value and services offered by APTRA, several new companies have recently joined the association, including BMB Petit Gourmet, Brightgain, Chanel, Daniel Wellington, Ferrero, Lindt & Sprüngli, Pacific Cigars, Prevelon Rus, T&H Trading and Vietnam Duty Free Joint Stock Company, bringing the total number of members to 133.

Andrew Ford continued: “The APTRA Board Members are delighted to welcome these new members to the Association. We are grateful to them for their commitment to the work that we are doing in Asia Pacific – the more numerous we are, the better we represent the industry in the region and the more influential we can be in matters of advocacy.”

For further information about the work of APTRA please consult www.aptra.asia or contact [email protected]



APTRA is the trade association for the duty free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region, serving all members and the industry to help grow the business and protect it when challenges arise.

  • Through technology-led initiatives, seminars and conferences, APTRA serves to facilitate contact between members;
  • Through bespoke training initiatives, APTRA is building the industry’s brand as a highly professional, caring and responsible retail channel;
  • Through intensive consumer and market research, APTRA provides a solid knowledge bank, bringing valuable, actionable data relevant to all sectors;
  • Through regular communication, APTRA seeks to spread awareness and knowledge about the industry and the importance of travel retail for governments, airports, airlines and related businesses;
  • Through regional monitoring, and in collaboration with member companies and trade associations in other parts of the world, APTRA is constantly on the alert for new challenges where its advocacy on behalf of the industry is needed with national governments and policy-makers in order to safeguard and grow the business of all concerned.

The geographical area covered by APTRA includes countries in Eastern Asia, South Eastern Asia, South Central Asia and Oceania.



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