APTRA appoints Horizon Consumer Science as Research Partner

  • 25 July 2019


The Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Horizon Consumer Science as its new research partner.

APTRA has been contributing to the regional industry’s knowledge bank with high-quality research for over a decade. This new partnership, which spans the next few years, will study topics of relevance to the Asia Pacific duty free and travel retail industry, including regional trends analysis coupled with consumer level research.

The first research study to be undertaken by Horizon for APTRA will be a report on ‘The Emerging Asian Traveller’, which will give insights into which nationalities, besides the Chinese, are the up-coming traveller groups out of Asia. Which other nationalities should we start to understand and plan for, what numbers do we anticipate, and by when will we see this growth. This report is due to be launched in Q4 2019 and will be available exclusively to APTRA members.

With offices in Australia, North America and the Czech Republic, Horizon has a solid reputation for driving analytical and scientific data-driven research that can help businesses decide on commercial priorities. It is also noted that Horizon has more than 20 years’ experience in the travel retail field.

APTRA’s research falls under the Association’s strategic pillar of knowledge-building. This year, APTRA’s investment in research is evident with its commitment to delivering the first Economic Impact Report for Asia Pacific this autumn. This report not only suggests the commercial impact of travel retail across Asia Pacific, but looks into the potential job creation, the effect on GDP and the impact on other channels. This offers APTRA members a macro view of the industry’s impact and is coupled with APTRA’s reports into regional trends and the consumer level research on purchasing habits.

“We have revisited our research strategy as it is important to look at it holistically,” explained Christina Oliver, Executive Director, APTRA. “Our objective is to drive a strategy that offers our members a macro, regional and consumer insight into APAC, with different types of reports, in order to start building a bank of relevant data and knowledge.”

“We are delighted to welcome the support of Horizon, one of the most experienced research agencies in the travel retail industry,” stated Grant Fleming, President APTRA. “At APTRA we are committed to producing meaningful, high quality research reports to share with our members. These reports provide better understanding of the market in which we operate. We strongly believe that knowledge and data is a must for the industry.

“Solid actionable information underpins our efforts and the accumulation of industry reports, insights and the wealth of knowledge prepared and shared by APTRA will continue to build. As such, we are committed to creating and making accessible relevant and rich content to all members of APTRA. The data shared at no cost is a clear reason to join the Association.”

Responding for Horizon, Michael Feely, Chief Operating Officer, said: “My colleagues and I at Horizon Consumer Science look forward to working with APTRA to deliver on its ambitious research strategy for APTRA members. Asia Pacific is the growth engine of travel retail, so it is an essential market for all airports, brands and retailers in travel retail to grasp, understand and succeed with. For over 20 years, we have been helping brands, retailers and airports to grow their businesses in the Asia Pacific region. This extensive experience will help to ensure that the research Horizon delivers for APTRA members is valuable and actionable.”

Insights, research, networking opportunities and support with the changing regulations affecting travel retail are all available to members of APTRA. To join and benefit, please contact [email protected] or consult www.aptra.asia.


About Horizon Consumer Science

Horizon Consumer Science has been helping brands, retailers and airports to better understand travelling consumers and to grow their businesses for more than 20 years. With offices in North America and Australia, Horizon carried out research projects in over 20 different countries in 2018. In a world where relationships with clients are “project-toproject” Horizon has forged some very long lasting relationships. The true test of whether or not the decisions we help our clients make are “right” is in these relationships. www.horizonconsumerscience.com


The Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) is a membership organisation whose vision is to represent all members of the association and to strengthen, nurture & protect the duty free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region. APTRA’s membership comprises airports, retailers and brands, which is unique and adds richness to the association’s work. APTRA’s territory spans over 42 countries in Asia Pacific.

APTRA strengthens the knowledge base of the industry by supporting members through meaningful research, knowledge share, networking opportunities and advocating the industry when facing regulatory challenges. Commissioning relevant market research is one of the quality outputs of APTRA, the results of which are disseminated exclusively to members through private seminars, networking workshops and the Association website.

APTRA is on the alert constantly for legislative and regulatory challenges which may impact the duty free and travel retail industry. Working with members, fellow trade associations and related agencies, APTRA engages with governments and policy-makers to facilitate a deeper understanding of the industry’s pivotal role in local communities, employment, travel infrastructure and the economies of the region.


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