Auckland International Airport Joins The APTRA Board

  • 16 June 2020


Singapore 15 June 2020 APTRA (Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association) welcomes Auckland Airport as a new board member, representing the airport voice for Oceania, with personal representation from Lucy Thomas, it’s Head of Retail.

As one of the most progressive airport companies, Auckland International Airport is known for its business agility and creativity. It is one of New Zealand’s largest publicly listed businesses and it is one of only a few airports to have an advanced digital retail strategy, operated through its online airport duty/tax-free retailer ‘mall’ model.

Sunil Tuli, President of APTRA welcomes the appointment. “Auckland Airport and Lucy are very welcome additions to the APTRA board. As the airport’s Head of Retail, Lucy brings invaluable experience and perspective in understanding solutions to the current challenges facing the industry alongside her personal knowledge in terms of the new retail thinking and strategies that Auckland Airport is renowned for. I’d like to thank Lucy and Auckland Airport for nominating themselves to contribute and be part of the APTRA Board.”

Auckland Airport replaces Melbourne Airport which stepped down from the board last month.

Media enquiries: Anne Kavanagh, Kavanagh Communications [email protected]


The Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) is a membership organisation whose vision is to represent all members of the association and to strengthen, nurture & protect the duty-free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region. APTRA’s membership comprises landlords, retailers and brands, which is unique and adds richness to the association’ s work. APTRA’s territory spans over 45 countries in the Asia Pacific.

APTRA strengthens the knowledge base of the industry by supporting members through meaningful research, knowledge share, networking opportunities and advocating the industry when facing regulatory challenges. Commissioning relevant market research is one of the quality outputs of APTRA, the results of which are disseminated exclusively to members through private seminars, networking workshops and the Association website.

APTRA is on the alert constantly for legislative and regulatory challenges that may impact the duty-free and travel retail industry. Working with members, fellow trade associations and related agencies, APTRA engages with governments and policy-makers to facilitate a deeper understanding of the industry’s pivotal role in local communities, employment, travel infrastructure and the economies of the region.

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