APTRA Launches New Quarterly Advocacy Report And Regional Heat Map

  • 4 May 2020


Singapore 4 May 2020 Despite the overwhelming domination of the Covid-19 crisis, APTRA is prioritising its advocacy support to members with today’s launch of a valuable commercial tool – the APTRA Advocacy Report & Heat Map – highlighting the key trends in regulatory and legislative challenges spanning Asia Pacific. This is the first in a new quarterly series of advocacy updates.

Sunil Tuli, President of APTRA, explains the imperative for the increased focus. “Despite the Covid-19 crisis we must remain alert to regulatory change, because policy development and government decision-making on regulatory issues in core categories is still very much active. Asia Pacific is a vast and complex geography of over 40 countries, with a highly diverse political landscape. Regulatory change moves at different rates and it is not always predictable. We cannot afford to take our eye off the ball.

“A key objective of APTRA’s mission is to nurture and help protect travel retail from changes in legislation. There are two pillars to our advocacy strategy: firstly, with the launch of this new report we have done the leg-work for members, giving them a valuable tool with insight on what’s coming down the pipeline in specific countries and categories. Secondly, we are actively engaged with governments to ensure the industry has a voice and that policy-makers understand the critical economic contribution of travel retail to the region, providing a direct GDP contribution of US$7.6bn* and 140,000 jobs.”

Exclusively available to all APTRA members, the first report highlights complex regulatory challenges that are active across the region plus a summary of significant issues that have dominated the past 18 months. A detailed assessment of each category outlines the current status on specific threats, from the initial stages of agenda building through policy formation, adoption and finally, implementation.

Visual from APTRA Advocacy Report & Heatmap shows a regional overview of the complexity of the various regulations by category, country and stages of implementation.

Despite the WHO’s recent postponement of its investigation into illicit trade and tobacco control, more immediate threats in tobacco include the implementation of plain packaging measures and stricter graphic health warnings, across many countries. Meanwhile in the war on sugar across Asia Pacific, several countries including Singapore, are currently formulating domestic regulation in specific drinks categories due for implementation over the coming 18 months.

Visual from APTRA Advocacy Report & Heatmap shows overview of tobacco threats in Asia Pacific

With many emerging legislative trends designed to address domestic health issues, APTRA is determined to ensure decision-makers in government understand that travel retail should be segregated from domestic health policy regulations, as goods are typically purchased by travellers and those leaving the country. In addition, many policy-makers do not understand the essential contribution of travel retail sales to the financial health of airports and the vital role of the industry in the economic development of countries and the region as a whole. APTRA aims to be a value-added partner to governments as they frame regulations and policies to ensure they make appropriate allowance for these unique aspects of the travel retail market.

* The Economic Impact of Duty Free and Travel Retail in Asia Pacific’ published by APTRA and DFWC (October 2019)

The Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) is a membership organisation whose vision is to represent all members of the association and to strengthen, nurture & protect the duty free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region. APTRA’s membership comprises airports, retailers and brands, which is unique and adds richness to the association’ s work. APTRA’s territory spans over 45 countries in Asia Pacific.

APTRA strengthens the knowledge base of the industry by supporting members through meaningful research, knowledge share, networking opportunities and advocating the industry when facing regulatory challenges. Commissioning relevant market research is one of the quality outputs of APTRA, the results of which are disseminated exclusively to members through private seminars, networking workshops and the Association website.

APTRA is on the alert constantly for legislative and regulatory challenges that may impact the duty free and travel retail industry. Working with members, fellow trade associations and related agencies, APTRA engages with governments and policy-makers to facilitate a deeper understanding of the industry’s pivotal role in local communities, employment, travel infrastructure and the economies of the region.

For further information please contact:
Christina Oliver, Executive Director, APTRA
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