Singapore Advertising Restrictions on Sugar

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Singapore will be the first country globally to impose a total ban on advertisements of packaged drinks with very high sugar content. Pre-packaged drinks with any sugar content will need to showcase a gradient of sugar levels. Medium to high sugar content drinks must also carry a label on the front of the pack to signal that it is unhealthy.

The restrictions on advertising cover those in bottles, cans and packs. The front-of-pack label will be colour coded and show a grade to indicate if the drink is healthy, neutral or unhealthy. Factors affecting the grade include not just the sugar content, but also other content such as the amount of saturated fat.

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Singapore’s agenda on health and the overall fight against diabetes led to the Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to gather public consultation in 2018 on measures to reduce sugar intake, however, it seems the ministry of health has not ruled additional measures, such as sugar tax.

Further announcements and details will take place in 2020, and implementation of the legislation is expected to take between one and four years.

SOURCE: Singapore Straights Times

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