Japan sets target of 60 million foreign visitors each year by 2030 

Japan travellers
According to the  the South China Morning Post Japan now aims to welcome 40 million foreign visitors annually by 2020 – double the previous target – and 60 million by 2030, under a new government tourism strategy.

The government has raised its target for 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from the previous 20 million amid expectations that the figure will be reached before then thanks to the rapid growth in tourist arrivals in the country. Last year, a record 19.74 million foreign visitors arrived in Japan, spending about 3.48 trillion yen (US$30.93 billion), according to government data.

While relaxed visa and duty-free shopping regulations and a weak yen have seen foreign tourists flock to the country in recent years, accommodation providers in major cities have struggled to keep up with demand, prompting a rise in initiatives to attract tourists to less visited regions.

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