Interparfums and PUIG confirm as 2018 research sponsors

APTRA m1nd-set report cover 2018

The first APTRA insights report for 2018 is due out this month, focusing on the shopper behaviour of travellers of all nationalities at Hong Kong International Airport.

The 2018 research, produced by Swiss research agency m1nd-set, is kindly sponsored by two members from the beauty category: PUIG and Interparfums.

The February report will be followed by reports on 9 other major airports across the region this year. Each edition will focus on both shopper behavior and traffic data – current and forecast, with a 12-month projection for the airport, identifying the major destinations and nationalities as well as class of travel.  Among the insights from the Hong Kong report, a few key findings include:

-       The top nationalities departing from Hong Kong International in the last 12 months are: 1) HKG 2) PR China 3) Taiwan 4) USA 5) Philippines

-       27% of departing passengers in HKG are connecting passengers

-       14% fly premium class (Business & First)

-       Expected growth over the next 12 months: 3%

-       44% of shoppers plan their visit

-       Top destination of duty free purchases are: 1) self (44%), 2) gift (39%), 3) Share (10%), 4) on request (7%)

For more information about the APTRA research and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michael Barrett / +855 89 772 600.

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