Important new security regulations in US and Australia

The Duty Free World Council has issued two notices about imminent changes to the security regulations for passengers travelling to the United States from non-US airports and for passengers departing from Australian airports. Both regulations, effective from June 30th, concern new restrictions on carrying powdered substances and powder-like substances in cabin baggage.

The new regulations in Australia, which only apply to shops situated prior to Airport security controls, stipulate that passengers will need to present all powders separately for screening at airport security controls. The total volume of inorganic powders allowed in carry-on baggage must not exceed 350 ml (volume), 350 grams (weight).  The DFWC notice, which can be downloaded at the link below, provides definitions of organic and inorganic powders as well as recommendations for retailers situated before the airport security controls on how to proceed to avoid disruption and confusion.

The Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs has issued a fact sheet to clarify to all passengers the new regulations on powdered goods, as part of the liquids aerosols and gels policy. View the fact sheet here.

The US regulation DFWC notice also provides details of the new measure for passengers flying to the US along with recommendations to retailers.

Read the full press release from the DFWC on the US government regulations.

DFWC Australian powder security regulations 27June2018

DFWC notice re USA powder measure 27June2018






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