Chinese luxury travellers defined: by Hurun Report

Chinese luxury travellers defined: by Hurun Report


The Hurun Report has published the third edition of its Chinese Luxury Traveller in partnership with the with the International Luxury Travel Market Asia (ILTM Asia).

As reported in the China Luxury Network newsletter and website, the survey reveals the lifestyle and brand preferences of China’s wealthy consumers. The report attempts to calculate the number of Chinese luxury travelers, evaluates their consumption patterns, travel habits as well as key market trends over the last year. In addition, this report examines the impact of Chinese wealth overseas. The report intended to provide a holistic understanding of the spending habits and lifestyle changes of this burgeoning, influential and ever-changing consumer class. This year the survey included questions for the first time on the ‘happiness index’ of these wealthy consumers. France as a destination is still number 1 among the wealthy Chinese travellers according to the report and French luxury goods also remain among their favourite luxury goods.

To download the full report, click here.

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