Changi to host 1st APTRA Airport forum

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APTRA is stepping up its service to airports in the Asia Pacific region by launching a series of Airport Forums and a dedicated online Resource Centre.

The first APTRA Airports Forum will be kindly hosted by Changi Airport Group on the afternoon of Sunday 7 May, just before the opening of the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference.

The objective of this first meeting will be to calibrate the service offered to airports by APTRA and to start the networking and data-sharing process. Cocktails after the seminar are being sponsored by DFS and Edrington.

Future editions of the Airport Forums will be timed to coincide with existing industry events and will aim to give airport executives the chance to gain insights to current trends and regulatory issues, and to exchange ideas with their counterparts running airports across the region.

The Resource Centre will be an airport access-only section of the APTRA website that contains brand and retailer data, marketing activities, retail executions and research reports which will help landlords to benchmark and improve the way they operate travel retail in their airport. The APTRA Airports Resource Centre is due to go live later this year and, in time, APTRA intends to supplement the information available with airport-specific research reports.

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