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Asia Pacific remains highest-scoring region in duty-free customer satisfaction

DFWC’s latest quarterly KPI monitor for Q3 2018, conducted in partnership with m1nd-set, highlighted the growing importance of the “duty-free differential” as a driver of customer satisfaction. The survey results, based on interviews with over 4000 international travellers across the world, demonstrated a growing demand for a differentiated customer experience in the duty-free channel.

Over the past 12 months, the share of shoppers who said that they purchased goods from duty-free shops because the products were “different than usual” increased from 18% to 22%. Over the same time period, the share of customers who cited “new brands” as a satisfaction driver increased to 28% from 25%.


APTRA RRTP in Chinese and on mobile

APTRA’s Responsible Retail Training Programme is now available to members in Chinese Mandarin. The programme, which has been adopted by all major wines & spirits brands and retailers, is a vital service to the industry to ensure all retail staff are aware of the industry’s self regulatory code of conduct and the principles of responsible retailing.

The programme, which is soon to be adopted by the Duty Free World Council so retailers the world over can allow their staff to take the training, is also being made available in responsive design. This means that staff will be able to access all current and future language versions of the training programme via their smartphone.  The responsive design development comes following requests from retailers given that many staff do not have access to computers. Given that most have internet enabled mobile phones, they will be able to take the training course more easily.

Retail Research Round-up June

This month’s research round-up features reports on how, given the changing behaviour of consumers, the store has to “do more” to engage shoppers and live up to the expectations of modern tech-savvy consumers who want more out of their shopping experience, from RetailNext and Retail Week.


Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi talks to APTRA


APTRA will be publishing a series of interviews over the next few months with CEOs from some of our member companies, starting with our airport members.

The first in our series is with the CEO of Melbourne Airport, Lyell Strambi.

Read the interview here…