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APTRA Consumer Research


With the continuous year on year increase in travellers across Asia Pacific, all efforts are deployed on APTRA’s research strategy to deliver insights across the macro, regional and consumer level. Enriching our members’ knowledge of our industry across Asia Pacific, and ensuring we provide robust, actionable data adds tremendous value and offers insights that are not only relevant but can be used to determine commercial strategy.

Our research covers a range of topics, including consumer behaviour, regional travel trends, national consumption preferences, demographic analysis, and industry impact studies. The reports, which are available free of charge to our members have used as discussion points within APTRA insights seminars too.

During 2018, APTRA commissioned research which concentrated on high traffic Asian airports to gain insights into consumer buying and purchasing patterns. A total of 6 reports were produced covering Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangkok international airports. To better communicate these research reports, APTRA hosted seminars in partnership with KPMG presenting highlights of each report across various Asia Pacific locations.

Thank you to sponsors of past research: Distell, Interparfums & Puig

In quarter one of 2019, APTRA in alliance with TFWA produced a hefty report titled “Understanding Young China” which gave deep insights into the purchasing habits and preferences of young 18-30 year old Chinese travellers.

By quarter 3 of 2019, APTRA launches the very first Economic Impact Report for Asia Pacific. This level of data significantly adds weight and value to our knowledge of the market. Not only giving our members an indication of what the duty free and travel industry is worth across Asia Pacific, but with detailed analysis of the beneficial economic impact of the industry on local communities, including employment, income, channel breakdown and GDP. APTRA’s Economic Impact Report is published in October 2019 and is brought to you in conjunction with DFWC.

APTRA has also partnered with Horizon Consumer Science to start a series of regional trends reports, the first being published in October 2019 looking at the “Emerging Asian Traveller”

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