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Since its creation in 2005 APTRA has been active in fulfilling its objectives, namely nurturing links between industry stakeholders, safeguarding the interests of the business, organising forums for exchange and being the voice of the region’s duty free and travel retail industry both within and outside the industry.

The Four Pillar Approach

Following research among our members about the direction and focus they would like to see for the the Association four pillars of specific importance were identified: research, training, connectivity: events & networking and advocacy.

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Big data imageAPTRA has commissioned a long series of insightful research reports over the past few years to provide robust and actionable data to our members.

Our research programmes are defined as a result of a consultative process with our members, and made available to members through the Members Only section of the APTRA website. The research focusses on consumer behaviour in duty free and travel retail by category, market and other theme based reports.

For more information see the research page.


rrtpscreenshotIn 2012, as part of the advocacy work, APTRA launched the Self-regulatory code of conduct for the responsible retailing of liquor in duty free. This was so well received by the industry that it has evolved into a training programme: the Responsible Retail Training Programme or RRTP. More than 600 staff have now been trained through this programme by more than a dozen airports, retailers and suppliers.

This web-based training initiative for retail staff at every level of an organisation aims to ensure that we observe the highest standards in our business. In so doing, we can demonstrate to the outside world that our industry behaves with complete integrity.

For more information see the training page.

Connectivity: events & networking

HKSeminarAPTRAKPMGAPTRA has created an actionable network of contacts in the Asia Pacific region. This takes the form of a comprehensive regional database which is far more detailed than a simple list of industry members. The APTRA Database can be searched by function and location, by title and product category, and enables members to find exactly the right go-to people, depending on their needs for doing business in this part of the world.

APTRA has also set up a series of seminars to facilitate contacts and improve knowledge and understanding of the various APTRA research reports, with the collaboration of our research and seminars partners, m1nd-set and KPMG.

For more information see the events & networking page.


AdvocacyThe main reason most industry association’s exist is to represent the industry stakeholders’ interest and safeguard these when external issues pose a threat to the business. APTRA was created specifically for this purpose.

In determining how we respond to threats and issues, we need to identify where and in what form these are. We have developed an “issues matrix” for Asia Pacific, collating data from members, from our fellow associations, from news reports and government communiqués… in fact from all available sources in order that we know what is approaching over the horizon.

Advocacy is a long process and it can be months, if not years before we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, we have finetuned our approach to advocacy through a robust collective and collaborative approach with consultation horizontally across the category member countries and vertically with the retailers, airport authorities and ultimately the governments in markets where issues arise. APTRA also collaborates closely with sister duty free associations such as the Duty Free World Council (DFWC) and European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC).

For more information see the advocacy page.

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us by writing to Christina Oliver at [email protected].

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