India GST impact workshops

India-gst-faqAPTRA has organised two working sessions in recent weeks to enable the Indian retailers to gain a better understanding of the implications which the new GST regulations will have on the duty free business.

APTRA’s legal advisors in India from law firm Luthra & Luthra briefed the retailers and distributers present during the meeting on a number of aspects including the impact of GST changes on the import of goods for sale at the Duty Free shops, the sale to the passengers and the procurement of goods from India for sale in the Duty Free shops, including local bonded goods and goods without bond.

The meetings also focused on the technical aspects the new GST regulations will imply for retailers.

For further information on the impact of GST in India and to receive the information presented and discussed during the meetings, please contact Michael Barrett : [email protected].

APTRA announces 20 airport research programme 

m1nd-set IATA DDS APTRA has laid out its research strategy for 2018-2019 which will include a sharp focus on data that will be of particular interest to members of the Association.

Twenty reports will be compiled over the two year period by m1nd-set, APTRA’s research partner since 2011, combining consumer insights and air traffic forecasting. The airports under the spotlight in 2018 will be Beijing, Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, New Delhi, Shanghai Hongqiao, Mumbai and Auckland.

In 2019 the airports under scrutiny will be Shanghai Pudong, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Incheon, Manila, Chengdu, Melbourne, Tokyo Narita and Taipei. Each study will be based on 1,000 interviews conducted airside with business and leisure passengers from a wide spectrum of origins and backgrounds. Respondents will be asked for their attitudes to duty free & travel retail, their purchase motivations, the role of promotions and sales staff, and the impact of changes to customs allowances, among other subjects.

m1nd-set’s air traffic forecasting is based on Direct Data Solutions, a unique initiative developed jointly by IATA and the Airlines Reporting Corporation which is widely considered the ‘gold standard’ of airline ticket data.

The current 2017 research programme, which is sponsored by Interparfums and Rémy Cointreau, will soon reveal insights on consumer behaviour by Indian, South Korean and Japanese shoppers, sequels to the Chinese consumer insights which were published last month.

Andrew Ford, President APTRA, commented: “A key objective for APTRA is to enhance the service we provide to members across Asia Pacific and an important element of this is airport-specific research. Besides being available exclusively to members to download, the headline results of the research will be shared at future APTRA Airport Forums and Insights Seminars.”

For more information please contact APTRA Executive Officer Michael Barrett: [email protected] | +855 89 772 600.

APTRA welcomes 11 new members

New members June 17 web

Recognising the value and services offered by APTRA, several new companies have recently joined the association, including Aer Rianta, BMB Petit Gourmet, Brightgain, Chanel, Daniel Wellington, Ferrero, Lindt & Sprüngli, Pacific Cigars, Prevelon Rus, T&H Trading and Vietnam Duty Free Joint Stock Company, bringing the total number of members to 134.

For more information on each new member, please contact the representative as listed on the APTRA website in the members’ directory. The contact details for all these new member companies can be found in the members’ only section of the APTRA website.

APTRA President Andrew Ford commented: “The APTRA Board Members are delighted to welcome these new members to the Association. We are grateful to them for their commitment to the work that we are doing in Asia Pacific – the more numerous we are, the better we represent the industry in the region and the more influential we can be in matters of advocacy.”

APTRA publishes Indian consumer insights reports   

Research sponsorsThe third shopper insights report has been published on the APTRA website. The report, which looks at Indian travelers shopping behavior, enables members to see both the current shopper behavior and trends and compare to how this has evolved since the previous Indian consumer research was undertaken in 2015. The report also features air traffic data provided through m1nd-set’s partnership with IATA and ARC’s ‘Direct Data Service’ (DDS) database

APTRA Report IndiaThe DDS program is built on travel agency sales data captured through ARC and IATA’s financial settlement systems and ticket sales contributed by airlines participating in the program, which makes it unique. DDS is able to estimate 100% of global airline sales data, including scheduled and charter flights and low cost airline traffic; the tool also distinguishes between travel classes.

The report demonstrates the current and forecast traffic for the country as well as a breakdown for all major airports.

The other reports scheduled for 2017 on Korean and Japanese shopper behaviour in duty free and travel retail will be released over the course of the year.

APTRA is grateful to Interparfums and Remy Cointreau for sponsoring the 2017 research programme.

Any other member companies interested in supporting the 2017 research are invited to contact APTRA Executive Officer Michael Barrett : [email protected]  / +855 89 772 600.

Associate member CiR to provide monthly nationality insights

APTRA Chinese Shopper report_Page_2UK based travel retail analyst, researcher and category development agency CiR will be providing APTRA members with a series of monthly infographic reports on key nationalities in Asia. CiR joined APTRA as one of the first Associate Members in 2016 to support the Association and its members through its data and insights.

The reports are based on CiR’s continued research into the key travelling nationalities in Asia with data taken from CiR’s database of ongoing shopper research and the agency’s statistics platform, Business Lounge. The Chinese Traveller summary is the first of a monthly report of data and intelligence which members will be able to download via the members’ section of the APTRA website.

APTRA Airport forum and KPMG Seminar provide actionable data

AAFThe inaugural APTRA Airports Forum on 7th May at Singapore Changi Airport produced fascinating data for delegates and established a benchmark for future meetings.

APTRA board member Andrew Gardiner from Melbourne Airport chaired the meeting, which was attended by 15 commercial and retail executives from 10 airports. He explained that APTRA is investing in a series of initiatives to assist airports, including airport specific research that they will be able to access via the online APTRA Airport Resource Centre.

APTRA’s research partner m1nd-set and its partner IATA presented detailed airport shopper insights, traffic and forecasting reports while Changi Airport lifted the curtain on the new Terminal 4 with a preview of some of the innovative commercial executions. Gardiner underlined that other airports will be encouraged to share similar data on retail innovation, sales performance and other information at future forums.

The forum concluded with a cocktail at the DFS Whiskey House in the Terminal 2 departure lounge, where attendees were treated to a blind tasting of several prestigious single malts. The Forum was sponsored by Changi Airport, DFS and Edrington.


APTRA seminar Singapore webThe 2017 APTRA KPMG Insights Seminar  series kicked off in Singapore on 10th May with a breakfast workshop attended by over 60 delegates.

Clara Perez, Travel Retail Research Director at m1nd-set presented the results of the latest research conducted for APTRA into the consumer behaviour of South East Asia travellers while m1nd-set CEO Peter Mohn switched the focus to Tiers 1, 2 and 3 cities in China.

Anson Bailey, Head of Asia Pacific Consumer Markets at KPMG gave a presentation on the latest trends in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, the so called “internet of things” and other aspects of a world which today revolves around, and is driven by, mobile technology.

Andrew Ford, new President of APTRA, commented: “The APTRA Airports Forum and the Insights Seminar during TFWA Asia Pacific were excellent examples of how APTRA delivers actionable data to its members which will assist them to develop their travel retail business in the Asia Pacific region. We will build on what we have learned during these meetings and continue to expand our service to members.

Interparfums   REMY_COINTREAU Q

The research that forms the core of these meetings is sponsored by Rémy Cointreau GTR and, henceforth, also by Interparfums.


Edrington Logo_CMYKThe Insights Seminars are sponsored by Bommidala Group, Brown Forman, Changi Airport Group, DFS, Distell, Eastern Duty Free, The Edrington Group, Jonathan Holland & Associ-ates, Moet Hennessy, Regent Asia Group and Treasury Wine Estates.  APTRA would like to give special thanks to all supporting companies, whose sponsorship has made this event possible.


Any member companies interested in supporting the seminars are invited to contact APTRA Executive Officer Michael Barrett : [email protected] / +855 89 772 600.


Multilingual video tour of APTRA’s Responsible Retail Training Programme 

APTRA has produced new language versions of its short explanatory video to demonstrate the Association’s Responsible Retail Training Programme to even more members. The training programme video is now available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese; interested parties (airports, retailers and alcohol suppliers in particular) can view the video on the APTRA website at the link below.

The training programme, which is a free service, is available to alcohol suppliers and retailers so brand ambassadors and sales advisors are fully aware of the principles and ethics of responsible retailing. It’s part of the Association’s core mission to ensure we are proactively doing our utmost to ensure we are a responsible retailing channel.


For details of how to enrol your staff into the programme, please contact APTRA Executive Officer Michael Barrett : [email protected] / +855 89 772 600.