APTRA website now available in Mandarin

China flagAPTRA website now available in Mandarin


Such is the pivotal role played by Chinese consumers and retailers in the duty free and travel retail industry that the Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) has today launched a Chinese language version of its website.


The new Mandarin website will mirror the content of the English language site, including information on research conducted on behalf of APTRA members, updates on advocacy initiatives in the Asia Pacific region, details of developments in the Association’s innovative Responsible Retail Training Programme and access for members to the database of primary industry stakeholders.


Potential breakthrough with FSSAI in India

fssaiPotential breakthrough with FSSAI in India

In January India’s Food Safety Standards Association, FSSAI, issued new guidelines for the importing of food & beverage products into India. These amended rules clearly state that goods intended for export and not domestic consumption will be exempt from the FSSAI rules. According to one legal counsel it appears that this is a positive evolution for the duty free retailers as it means that goods brought into the country for sale in the duty free shops are concerned by the exemption from FSSAI testing and labelling.

While the move seems positive for the industry as it recognises the fact that duty free is a different retail channel from the domestic market, industry stakeholders in India are still deliberating over the exact implications for departures and arrivals. It is not 100% clear yet whether this signifies a total reprieve for the industry. One thing is certain however; it clearly illustrates the need to constantly make the point that there is a clear difference between retail in the domestic market and the retail business in our industry. Only by continuing to make this point do we have a chance of ensuring we are not included within local legislation where our specific needs and circumstances are not taken into account.

APTRA will keep members updated on progress on this issue.

Countdown to China’s Century Conference 2015

China's_century_conference_2015Countdown to China’s Century Conference 2015

In a few days, the industry will converge on Shanghai to meet for the second China’s Century conference, organised by TFWA in partnership with APTRA. As well as being the official partner of TFWA for the organisation of the conference, APTRA will feature prominently in the programme too. APTRA President, Jaya Singh, will be giving one of the keynote welcoming addresses following organisers TFWA’s President Erik Juul-Mortensen, who is also a board member of APTRA.


First research of 2015 now online

alt3_logo_m1nd-setFirst research of 2015 now online

Understanding the “how, why, where, when and for whom” Asia Pacific travelers purchase confectionery in duty free shops – that is the topic of the first research report of the year exclusively available for APTRA members. The report looks into a number of behavioural aspects of the confectionery buyer; one such finding is the motivation for purchasing and the report reveals what most attracts the shoppers’ attention when in the store as well as the main reason for choosing a specific brand. Other aspects covered include where in particular within the store, the confectionery buyer is most likely to purchase the category and how much of the total spend is allocated to confectionery.

As well as looking at the ‘who for’ and the reason for purchase the report also reveals the specific intentions of the confectionery buyer such as whether it is intended as a gift and if so, the intention behind the gift. The impact of the various promotions and pricing is also dealt with in detail as well as the behavior of purchasers with regards to cross category purchasing.

The full report is available in the members only section on the APTRA website.

Seminar tour 2015: seeking your support

care-custom (1)Seminar tour 2015: seeking your support

APTRA is currently putting together the plans for its 2015 seminar tour following the successful tour conducted to 7 cities around Asia Pacific in 2013. During this first edition of the tour, APTRA presented its member research and other benefits together with m1nd-set and KPMG, who presented its latest Chinese luxury travelling consumer report. This year, the tour will aim to reach members in four cities in South Korea, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, to update members face-to-face on the latest issues and initiatives and to present parts of the new 2015 research. The seminars, which are for the most part half-day events, also serve as a networking opportunity enabling stakeholders based in those cities to gather and meet informally before and after the seminar.

APTRA is currently seeking the support of our members (you!) to help support the events in the various locations in the form of hosting venues, sponsoring the breakfasts, lunches or dinners ; this will help towards covering the costs of the events. All companies providing such support will benefit from visibility on all the communication prior to the seminars as well as during the seminars themselves. For more information please contact Executive officer Michael Barrett by email:[email protected].

How Asia Pacific tourism will grow in 2015

china-and-india-300x199How Asia Pacific tourism will grow in 2015

After a turbulent 2014, it appears that socioeconomic forces are working in tourism’s favour this year according to travel news service TTG.  The sustained dip in oil prices should translate into lower air fares as well as deflationary pressures increasing average disposable income. Improved information through digitally driven social media services is also expected to affect the industry positively.

China’s continuing strong influence, with 140 million Chinese tourists who are expected to spend US$188 billion abroad this year, will also makes positive waves for the industry. The low-cost long haul market is expected to grow this year as it still has vast untapped potential; finally, there is evidence that inbound tourism will grow from further afield, although the majority of long haul customers are expected to come from China, Australia and India. Read the full article here.