Myanmar Unveils $500 Million Tourism Plan

Myanmar Unveils $500 Million Tourism Plan


The Government of Myanmar, alongside the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Norway, has unveiled a Tourism Master Plan which outlines 38 development projects valued at nearly a half billion dollars that will help increase Myanmar’s tourism competitiveness. Other goals of the plan include the protection of environmentally important areas and safeguarding ethnic communities. According to the report on the website of the Asian Development Bank, if Myanmar continues implementing economic, political, and social reforms, international visitor arrivals are forecast to rise as high as 7.5 million in 2020 – a seven-fold increase from current numbers.
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Chinese luxury travellers defined: by Hurun Report

Chinese luxury travellers defined: by Hurun Report


The Hurun Report has published the third edition of its Chinese Luxury Traveller in partnership with the with the International Luxury Travel Market Asia (ILTM Asia).

As reported in the China Luxury Network newsletter and website, the survey reveals the lifestyle and brand preferences of China’s wealthy consumers. The report attempts to calculate the number of Chinese luxury travelers, evaluates their consumption patterns, travel habits as well as key market trends over the last year. In addition, this report examines the impact of Chinese wealth overseas. The report intended to provide a holistic understanding of the spending habits and lifestyle changes of this burgeoning, influential and ever-changing consumer class. This year the survey included questions for the first time on the ‘happiness index’ of these wealthy consumers. France as a destination is still number 1 among the wealthy Chinese travellers according to the report and French luxury goods also remain among their favourite luxury goods.

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In the spotlight: Tony Detter

Managing Director, Inflight Sales Group, Board member & Treasurer of APTRA

Meet Tony


Tony entered the duty free and travel retail industry when he began to work for ISG in 2000. He was the first outside hire as all other staff company were from within the industry.

Prior to joining ISG he was working in consulting, and he spent most of his early career at Toys R Us. When asked how he compares working in DFTR, he readily agrees that he finds travel retail far more stimulating. “Domestic retail can be a bit dull outside of peak times, but TR has never been”, Tony adds.

Tony is single and has been living in Hong Kong for the past seven years. He still keeps his primary home in Atlanta, near his family. His favorite past times include tennis and baseball.

The company, in brief

As Managing Director of Inflight Sales Group, Tony is responsible for a team servicing 17 airlines currently, with a wide variety of partnership models. According to Tony, “It is a company philosophy to work with great partners and airline programs with high potential; the model is secondary for us.” When asked about plans for development outside Asia, Tony confides that the company is always looking for suitable opportunities, “…but definitely we believe Asia will remain our primary focus.”

Views and vision

We asked Tony about his views on the current and future business model and whether he sees any major changes to the business model possible in the near to mid-term future both in inflight and airport retail.
In the near term he says “Not really. Perhaps we will see some value adds for some airlines and airports, but I don’t see a revolutionary cooperation happening between airports and airlines at the moment, although it is worthy of discussion.”

In the medium term on the other hand Tony is more confident that change will occur… “Yes I believe connectivity in flight, the continued emergence of social media and buying based on friend’s recommendations or ratings, instant price comparisons, and greater advance planning will present new opportunities to connect with travellers at more points in the journey and hopefully trigger more purchases and higher spends.”

Challenges ahead

On his views on the key challenges to the industry today Tony expresses concern over the slow growth or in some cases recession in Europe, the question of housing bubbles in China, and the short term mentality of many governments. “Any major economic issue could be quite devastating for our industry.” he adds.

On the question of how companies like ISG can help address these challenges Tony advocates for more involvement from companies like ISG, encouraging their airline partners to become more involved in the collective industry association work. He expresses concern that airlines are not having their voices heard, and are not engaged enough when threats and solutions are being discussed. “And it is my job, as I believe it should be the same for other inflight concession companies, to be in the forefront on behalf of customers as well. Their core business isn’t travel retail, so that burden should fall more on us.”

Industry associations

On the topic of the industry association work, and how APTRA and the other DFTR associations can work to further develop and protect the interests of the industry, beyond advocacy, training, research and conferences? Tony believes that while threat assessment response is always going to be important, it would be a great goal for APTRA and similar groups to help market the industry, talk about its benefits, etc. “Most people simply don’t understand what we have to offer or what we deliver.” he adds.

Finally, as APTRA’s most recently elected board member, we asked Tony how he hopes to contribute to APTRA now that he is more personally involved.

“I think focusing on bringing voice to suggestions from my sector, thinking about how our specific sector be affected differently than brands or airports will be a good place to start. I’m a pretty good numbers guy as well, so hopefully I can support with that skill also.

APTRA welcomes Tony to the board of the association, where as well as his election to serve on the board of APTRA, he was also appointed Treasurer, a position he will hold for the next 2 year term.

Welcome to Agatha, Gate Onboard Retail & Gerzon Holding

Welcome to Agatha, Gate Onboard Retail & Gerzon Holding


APTRA is delighted to welcome three new members to the association: Agatha, Gate Onboard Retail and Gerzon Holding.

Agatha was founded by Michel Quiniou, in the early 70s. He was inspired to create a brand of fashion jewellery that bridged the gap between luxury boutiques and nondescript, lacklustre chain stores. He launched his line of fashion jewellery with an unusual goal in mind: to transform cheap into chic.

In 2006 Michel Quiniou sold the business to the brand’s Asian partner, the King Power Group Hong Kong. The new management devised a new boutique concept, moving upmarket into sober elegance and nineteenth-century opulence. The company then increased production from two collections a year to six. In February 2010 the brand launched a collection for tiny tots and little girls: Little Agatha in line with its rule “for everybody, without exception, from 7 to 77”.
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Gate Retail Onboard provides end-to-end retail solutions from seamless technology solutions to management, merchandising, compliance, and more. GRO currently service airlines on six continents and retail a wide range of products and ancillary items to over 200 million passengers annually.

They offer custom retail solutions to a number of the world’s best known airlines including easyJet, Wizz Air, Delta, Iberia and Jetstar.

Gate Retail Onboard is part of Gategroup, an independent global provider of products, services and solutions related to an airline passenger’s onboard experience.
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Gerzon is a family owned company with more than 40 years of experience in exclusive fashion and fashion accessories. As a retailer and wholesaler, they operate on the Dutch as well as the global market. The company has a stong customer service culture basing its business ideals are based on respect, transparency, openness, flexibility and long-term relationships. The company holds three divisions: Gerzon Schiphol, Gerzon Duty Free and Gerzon Import.

Gerzon Schiphol is a franchise holder of ten fashion shops at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, with a total sales floor of 2,200 m2. In addition to the familiar multi-brand stores, Gerzon also offers exclusive brands such as Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren, Hermès and Victoria’s Secret in its one-brand stores.
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Generation Index: Asia Pacific online now

Generation Index: Asia Pacific online now


As announced in last month’s edition, APTRA has partnered with Generation to provide a Generation Index for Asia Pacific exclusively to APTRA members. The first monthly report is now available in the members’ area of the APTRA website. This first report reveals which markets are performing strongly, highlights how currency fluctuations are affecting sales positively and negatively in other markets and provides insights into where future fluctuations may happen and why.
For further detailed information and insights on developments in the sales and market shares of categories, channels, countries, locations, companies and brands in Asia Pacific – please contact [email protected] or Malin Eriksson on +46 660 103 20.